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Web 2.0 Social Networking, Professional Networking, Microblogging, Blogging, Online Dating Matrimonial) Market Worldwide & Future Forecast

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Mumbai, November 17, 2010:

Ways of communication has undergone sea change in past two decades. With the advent of cheap electronic communication and technical devices we have more collaboration, social interaction, personalization, active participation and communication itself than ever before. One of the major reasons behind this is the emergence of internet as new channel; with advent of web 2.0 which allows dual communication which had not been possible in major way with any other channel; the interaction and communication has increased manifold.

Web 2.0 is affecting corporations too. They are seen both as an opportunity and threat by the corporations. Majority of businesses views broadband and online services as new revenue generators. At the same time it also threatens their current business models. Enterprises now increasingly incorporate web 2.0 ‘tools’ part of their business or marketing routine. While seeing macro trend and cross checking with some micro trends we find that the collaboration productivity tools, unified communications, virtual worlds and Web services are among the tools likely to be adopted. Their adoption will, in turn, drive the growth of a social networking enterprise software industry.

As new, more user friendly and innovative Web 2.0 services emerges; many new industries will proliferate one of them will be online advertising. Among many reasons for this to happen; first, an increasing number of users worldwide are spending an increasing amount of time on the internet. Secondly, as new companies appear offering tools that make Web 2.0 even more attractive, this trend will accelerate. Advertisers will obviously want to reach this vast audience. And this change will not just involve private individuals: as corporate use of the internet increases, not only will advertising offer a way to reach such businesses, but it will also offer the corporate themselves a way to reach potential customers both high-level clients and ordinary consumers.

Report Details

This report title “Web 2.0 (Social Networking, Professional Networking, Microblogging, Blogging, Online DatingMatrimonial) Market Worldwide & Future Forecast” falls into Ten parts.

First and Second part describes the Executive Summary and Research Methodology. The Third section explains market size of Web 2.0 on the basis of worldwide major player’s revenue and market. It also defines the present and forecasted market size and share of the player. The Fourth part talks about the Web 2.0 adoption trends in the enterprises and its effects. Fifth to Ninth section explains the Web 2.0 market segmentation on the basis of Social, Professional, Microblogging, Blogging and Online dating sites. This section covers the number of present and future forecast users, present and future forecast revenue and funding of the Web 2.0. Last Tenth part highlights the major merger and acquisition during the past few years in the Web 2.0 industry and opportunity and challenges in Web 2.0 industry.

Key Questions – Answered

• What is Web 2.0 present market and expected market in 2014?
• Who are the major players in Social, Professional, Microblogging, Blogging and Online dating categories of Web 2.0?
• What are reasons for Web 2.0 adoption by companies?
• How many users and total revenue of the Web 2.0 players?
• What is the present and future market share of each player in Web 2.0 industry?
• How many acquisitions done during past years in Web 2.0 industry?
• How a Web 2.0 company receives its funding?

Key Players Analyzed

We have considered the key player under the following five categories. Almost all the players have been analyzed from number of present and future forecast users, present and future forecast revenue and funding pattern of Web 2.0.

Social Networking Players: Facebook, QQ, MySpace, Orkut, Tagged, Netlog, Friendster,
Sonico, Bebo, myYearbook and Mixi
Professional Networking Players: LinkdIn, XING, Yelp and Meetup
Micro Blogging Players: Twitter, Tumblr and FriendFeed
Blogging Players: Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Livejournal and Multiply
Online Dating Players: PlentyofFish, Match, Okcupid and eHarmony

Research Highlight

• Facebook, MySpace, QQ and Friendster are most popular social networks in Web 2.0
• Web 2.0 revenue market is expected to be US$ 8 Billion at the end of 2014
• Three players QQ.com, Facebook.com and Matchbook.com together controls 79% of revenue market share in 2009
• Facebook is expected to cross 1 Billion mark in number of users by 2014
• Orkut revenue is expected to be slightly less than US$ 1 Billion by 2014
• The Bebo unique users has declined by -53.15% from April 2009 to April 2010
• Japan’s biggest social networking site Mixi.jp user increases nearly 3 Million from May 2009 to April 2010
• LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing professional Web 2.0 site
• Meetup users will increase at a CAGR value of 36.29% for the period 2010 – 2014
• Twitter users growth rate from June 2008 to June 2009 was more than 1400%
• Match.com paid users crossed 1.5 Million mark by the end of first quarter 2010
• Mobile data traffic will grow at CAGR of 107.82% between 2009 and 2014

Data Sources

Information and data in this report has been collected from various printable and non-printable sources like Trade Journals, White papers, Online paid databases, News websites, Government Agencies, Magazines, Newspapers and Trade associations.

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