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Supreme Court Justice Canidate Swandal Asked To Be Rescued From Case

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  • City / State: Montana, United States
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  • Submitted: December 26, 2010 12:10 am


Montana, United States, December 26, 2010:

Nels Swandal of Livingston Montana is rescued from case during campaign election drawing attention to bazaar divorce hearing and politics.

Judge Nels Swandal recently ran a close against Beth Baker for Montana Supreme Court Justice in which Baker won. After election information may show that Swandal neglected his court to focus on the race causing damages to those unable to get a hearing. Swandal also asked to be rescued from a divorce case he has had in is court since November of 2009 drawing attention to his intentions.

Nels Swandal has been the District Court Judge of the Sixth Judicial Court for over 15 years and has used the motto “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” as seen on his website. However, during the election season his secretary Nancy McCracken commonly advised that the Judge was busy and that motions and hearings would be heard after the election. It’s not known at this time how many people were effected by Swandals neglect but one bazaar divorce case is sure to get some attention.

In November 2009, Judge Swandal granted Lauren Martin a name change to aka “Kathryn Stone” with no background check and waived the public notice announcement. Meanwhile the sheriffs dept had spent two weeks trying to serve her divorce papers which also would have notified the court she had already hijacked all the financial accounts and assets of her souse. The Clerk of Court, Sheriffs Dept and Judges chambers are all within 200 feet of each other.

The Park County records of case DR-09-128 show a dissolution of marriage in which Lauren Martin of Park County has been able to get a name change, temporary Order of Protection, and extensions through his court in which her spouse has filed numerous petitions of contempt and claims she has destroyed and devalued approximately $1.3 million in assets.

On December 3rd, 2009 Lauren Martin testified she was never married and built the internet companies in questions. Martin also claimed at the hearing she had no money then drove off in a new car and hours later booked two tickets to the Virgin Islands. After a lengthy hearing in April of 2010 evidence demonstrated that Martin was married and that the spouse was responsible for the creation of the domains and websites.

In spite of the evidence, Swandal still granted Lauren Martin complete and sole control over all property and financial accounts until a final hearing is held. The spouse feels that Judge Swandal may be partially responsible for damages as his motions to protect any remaining assets and hold Lauren in contempt of court have been ignored due to the Judges personal pursuits.

Swandal asked to be rescued form the case when the spouse iquired about filing with the Judicial Standards Commission as to Swandal neglecting his court to run his race for Supreme Court Justice. Another point of interest is that Swandal requested Judge David Cybulski who appinted Swandal to rescue him from the Barry Beach murder case. Cybulski appointed District Judge Nels Swandal on April 2. The attorney general’s office asked that he be removed, leading to Judge Phillips appointment.

It seems to be a somewhat logical conclusion that politics was at play here. The conservative Nels Swandal was likely not the favored candidate of the Montana Department of Justice- a group of liberal lawyers. Were they were afraid that the Beach case, which is sure to garner national attention, would provide publicity for Swandal and thus endanger their candidate, a Department of Justice. Both cases, the Barry Beach case and DR-09-128 are still unresolved.



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