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Next-Generation Carrier’s Network – Planning for Business Transformation

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Mumbai, October 30, 2010:

This report is devoted to exploring the planning process devoted to telecommunications business transformation. The report will also forecast the likely results of those processes, taken collectively, in the development of a Next Generation Network. In general, business transformation planning has many outputs, and influences many (maybe all) processes in a business, but in telecommunications, business transformation planning must also involve, as one of its outputs, the development of a Next Generation Network, since the nature of the future network must reflect the new business plan.

The history of the networking business is largely based on network evolution steps that were determined by the geniuses at Bell Labs. Another group of geniuses at the same institution determined end-user (station apparatus) capabilities. It has been said that there have been three network designs: the telegraph network, the telephone network, and the Internet network. Each had its particular end-user apparatus: the telegraph, the telephone, and the computer. As we have changed from each of these paradigms to the next, we have seen massive business transformations by the major players. Some made the transformation; they survived and prospered. Some did not and died.

This report is about how to make those transformations and what network will be coming next — the Next Generation Network! Unlike in the past, the development of these future networks is based on customers’ needs and business vision, as opposed to technological possibilities and cost efficiencies. Now there are competitive networks to the business and the residence, and there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of companies devoted to the development of station apparatus to meet customers’ needs as they see them. Most of this station apparatus is not even called that; rather, it is called computers, DVRs, Wii, routers, over-the-top video, etc.

Network evolution, now, is driven by the competitive desire of the multiple network providers to have networks that are capable of interfacing with this station apparatus. For telcos and all companies involved in the telecommunications business, this drastically changed environment requires that they change their businesses if they are to survive and prosper. These two ingredients (customers’ needs and business vision), along with an understanding of competitors’ positions, are the basis of planning for future networks today. The idea that “Customer Is King” will run throughout this report. It is also strongly reflected in the interviews.

Report Features

We will review the techniques for transformation planning and some of the drivers in today’s market for that planning activity, as well as the resulting Next Generation Network and our forecast for the NGN.

This includes:

* The description of the planning environment — A framework that outlines the steps in the planning process.
* The general forecast for the U.S. economy and particularly the U.S. telcos.
* The competitive market in the U.S. facing today’s telecommunications company, including discussions of major factors in the changing market such as advanced access architectures, supercompetitors, and overbuild.
* A detailed approach to Business Transformation Planning — a “how to.”
* A survey of what major players are doing in business transformation planning.
* Interviews with some of the top thinkers in the telecommunications business today.
* The changing face of the network — why it is changing and how.
* Our characterization of the NGN — Access, Speed, and Flexibility.
* Our forecast for the Next Generation Network architecture — Access, Transport, and Control.
* A description of the major technology groups in the NGN — with forecasts for their deployment.
* A listing of major vendors of NGN hardware and software.
* A major Appendix will describe the process of “Vision Planning” — a technique for transformation planning.

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