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How to write a good Press Release to get it featured?

Posted November 14, 2010 by Admin in Blog | 1 comment

Forestlaneshul Press is now getting over 250 submissions on an average per day. But unfortunately, most of these submissions could not make it on the front page of our free press release portal because we only feature those stories on the front page which, we believe meet our quality standards.

So, how can you write a press release article to get it featured on the front page of Forestlaneshul Press?

Here are some few points that can be of help.

  • Submit genuine press releases only.
  • Write news-worthy press release articles. Present your press release headline and content as a news, rather than a general article.
  • Minimize grammatical¬†and spelling errors.
  • Put your company information and contact details at the end of the press release article.

That’s it and we believe its simple enough. If the press release you submit meets the above criteria, we will try our best to feature it on our front page. And yes, its free!

Note: Forestlaneshul Press publishes submissions that do not meet our quality standards, in our free articles section. These articles get less exposure compared to our normal press releases.

Forestlaneshul Press now listed on Google News

Posted August 26, 2010 by Admin in Blog | No comments yet

It is our pleasure to inform all our members that, Forestlaneshul Press is now listed on Google News and we thank Google for the same. With this inclusion, our online press releases will be automatically distributed to more audience and we hope, it will help us achieve our basic objective of helping news content reach the masses.

With this effect, we have now added a Google News Sitemap to our website which will identify which contents will qualify for the news content and which will not. We request all our members to be more elaborate and explanatory while submitting a press release. Addition information about the company and contact details, etc. will help us approve your submissions faster. We also request our members to submit only genuine PR.

From our end, we will try our best to improve your experience and to maintain the quality of all press releases that we approve for publication.

Forestlaneshul Press is now in Beta

Posted August 8, 2010 by Admin in Blog | No comments yet

The Beta version of the new free press release portal of the Forestlaneshul News is now open and members can submit press releases for free.

An account with is mandatory to submit any type of press releases. Please do not worry because the registration is very simple and it will take just about 10 seconds. You just need to provided a desired user name and a valid email and our system will send your login password to the email provided by you. Once you have the password, you can login and start submitting press releases right away.

Since the Forestlaneshul Press is in the Beta (testing) phase, we do expect some minor issue here and there. The site is continuous being developed at the back-end and we are trying our best to provide you with the best experience. In case you found any issue in our website, please report the same to press@forestlaneshul.com.

Best Regards,

Forestlaneshul Team